What a weekend at Auto Club Speedway.
We ran in ST2 which required we heavily restrict the engine removing 200HP to meet the 8:1 power to weight ratio. Being this was our first time running this tune, we were a about 20 HP shy of where were could have been leaving us at 395WHP. There was a short learning curve in figuring out the powerband with the restricted tune.

Race 1 on Saturday Stephanie qualified on pole, but was overtaken on the start by Evan Gardener. After six hard fought laps to get around him, she sailed home for the win in her first NASA ST2 race. EXHILARATING!

Race two was on Sunday and Stephanie again qualified on pole by a narrow 600th of a second just ahead of Jim Tway. We were having some serious brake fade issues in warm up that were remedied by the crew doing an all corner brake bleed, but sadly only held her through 2/3rd’s of the race. Stephanie and Jim Tway battled it out the entire race. He got past her on the start, but Stephanie recovered the position entering the front straight on lap 2. After a long hard fight of trying to keep him behind her, the brakes were completely spent and he got past her in T9 of the last lap. All in all… we were so stoked for the weekend, taking first and second place and loaded the car in the trailer with all the fenders.

Special thanks to the crew, Garrett Yamada/Crew Chief, Dustin Fleet, Oliver Ybarra and Angel Alvarez. And Jason Cemo, Dave Hansen, Danny Yu, Lacey and Hannah Price, Jesse Iwuji, James Bratton, Bisi Ezerioha for coming out to support. What an epic weekend!